BURUNDI (Bujumbura)

 Dear sister Cyndi, praise God. I will forward photos and Milton too. After the conference we left to Rwanda on 21st of April. We left for the journey, Milton, I and Aron. Unfortunately, Milton was barred from entering Burundi by the immigration office because he didn’t possess a passport. You remember he had written to us for help and nothing was done about it. His passport needed to be renewed. We had to think what next! We called on Pastor Robert who came and took him to the Church where we were supposed to minister; Robert assigned him duties to evangelize in the church and in the area around while we took off with Robert to Burundi leaving Milton Behind. We ministered in Burundi and Congo DRC then came back to Burundi and Rwanda where we finalized on our mission Trip. I took care of Milton’s Passport. I gave him some funds to go and renew his Passport so that he will not miss in the next mission trips.

We had few events in Burundi since Pastor Aron was on our convoy. Much of the conference was done in the evenings. We did conference in Bujumbura on 21st, 22nd, and 23rd in the evenings. Photos were not clear because we did teach at night. However Aron took some with his camera and promised to send them to us. My phone took some though not clearly seen. Aron has a big church and 40 members (as you will see from the photo). He and his members requested to join EABFG. I told him that I will contact you first over the same. Ok that is all I can say about Bujumbura. Expect more reports twin.

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