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Barefoot Gardens Fellowship Ministries is a non-denominational Missions Church that is commissioned by God, to boldly bring the ‘Spirit of Holiness’ into the Body of Christ. With loving honesty and uncompromised truth, we encourage through Scriptural examples and instructions and family unity holy Christian lifestyles dedicated to Christ

What is the Missions Church?

Ø  In short, the Missions Church is an evangelical non-denomination committed to Church planting and world missions.

Ø  The Missions Church strives to be focused more on the fulfillment of the Great Commission than on being a denominational or non-denominational organization focused on growing itself.

  • For decades, the primary measurement of the effectiveness of the local Church in America was attendance. Now there is a much greater concern not only for “Church growth” but also for “Church health.”
  • A part of the mission of the Missions Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ and to empower them to make disciples of others.
  • Missions Churches believe that healthy Churches are committed to making disciples who make disciples. Jesus is the model for helping us understand how to do this. A Missions Church is committed to providing training, and assessments.

The mission of the Missions Church is to be about making disciples who make disciples. A disciple of Jesus will think differently, love differently and live differently than those without Christ. To see this transformation, healthy Churches create the environment to help people connect with God, connect with each other and connect with their community, those who do not know Christ. As people respond to Christ, we help these new believers connect with God, connect with other believers and connect with their friends who need God. This process continues as more disciples partner with God to make more disciples.

Guiding Values and Ministries

The Missions’ Church commitment is to make disciples of Christ, launch disciple-making movements, and expand His Church in such a way that its spread is unhindered by the barriers of culture, politics, economics or education. To that end, we affirm the following:

  • Missions Churches are committed to the Supremacy of the Great Commission and believe it must be the driving force in the task of mission.
  • Missions Churches believe that every follower of Christ is responsible for seeing disciples made.
  • Missions Churches develop disciple-making strategies based on God’s leading, the host culture and the spiritual gifts and redemptive gifts of team members.
  • Missions Churches believe making disciples results in the multiplication of leaders and Churches that are Spirit-led and culturally appropriate.
  • Missions Churches model only what is reproducible, intentionally utilizing ministry tools readily available and affordable to the host culture, such as East Africa.
  • Missions Churches give priority to ministries in the least reached areas of the world such as the areas that are being reached in East Africa by foot and motor bike because of lack of roads or mud-slides.
  • Missions Churches partner with other Missions Churches, missions minded organizations for resources and training, national leaders and other agencies in making disciples and multiplying Churches.

Church Planting

Missions Churches believe the correct relationship between making disciples and planting churches is that they plant Churches by making disciples rather than the opposite. Missions Churches emphasize the reproduction and multiplication of disciples, not the reproduction of organizational structures, meetings, events, and programs. Thank you for joining us, we look forward to serving you in Jesus name!

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