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Pastor Milton, Rev. Blessings, Bishop Wilfred, Evangelist Nelson, and Evangelist Gervas in Mbeya, Tanzania, April 2016

Pastor Milton, Rev. Blessings, Bishop Wilfred, Evangelist Nelson, and Evangelist Gervas in Mbeya, Tanzania, April 2016 (left to right).

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“Underwear or Underwire, What’s Holding You Up?

Really, what's holding you up?

Really, what’s holding you up?

Speaker: Pastor Cyndi Harper Deiters


Title: “Underwear or Underwire, What’s Holding You Up?”

Audience: Christian women over 50 who enjoy the Word of Truth and the Truth of expectations as written in the Bible.

With the close of the Twentieth Century and the introduction of the Twenty-first century many new widgets, gadgets, and what-its raced into the American market. Additionally, the medical world and its blessed movement has presented the world with various cures and medications that assist in the prolonging of life. The fashion designers, cosmetic artists, plastic surgeons, and Hollywood’s staying-young forever motto, drove many women and men alike into a frantic search for fountains of youth on the supermarket shelves, doctor office examination rooms, operating tables, airbrushing salons, and clothing lines popularly using spandex as a material for one size fits all.

Dentists no longer concern themselves with only keeping our teeth healthy. They, too, entered into the world of looking younger longer with dental alterations adjusting ones grinders to have a varied look modifying what one’s teeth per Ecclesiastes should look like to what a false society of beautiful people demand the mirror show them.


So with our back combed hair, our sprayed on tans, white capped teeth, colored contact lenses, tightening up creams, removed aged skin, tucked, plucked, fat cells sucked, reworked and altered bodies, we enter a false sense of security that immortality is ours. What aches, we medicate. What sags, we lift. What dims, we whiten. What grays, we lighten. What spots, we bleach. Our lack of farsightedness of what the Lord spoke over the human body as it ages caused the fleeting of our youth to dictate the value of our inner growth to diminish.

In the end, we look like a slight version of what the Lord intended. Our outer reflection modified and crucified emulates the meeting point of our external self with our inner self and our spiritual spotlight of growth darkened. However, as with all problems, there are Biblical solutions. Let’s just learn together, shall we, how the Lord took great care to prepare us for the changing of the perishable body that houses the imperishable image of God, our spirits, hidden within.

We walk together through Ecclesiastes 12:1-7. The human body ages and the Lord prepares us with explaining what that looks and feels like. We fight it tooth and nail. We don’t want to grow older graciously—we go kicking and screaming. It is a fun and joyful talk that lightens the mood of aging but introduces what is MOST IMPORTANT which is concentrating on being held up by the Lord by concentrating on the inner-most-person, your spirit. That is why we never give up. Though our bodies are dying, our spirits are being renewed every day.” 2 Corinthians 4:16 

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Car Accident

Thursday,January 10 at 5:43am near Forest Hills

He Rules with such Grace and Mercy! Damages to my Navigator limited to that big ole bumper and little cuts and bruises. My deductible I thought was $500.00 so before I spoke with insurance company I had been praying and believing The Lord for the money. Here it is…Father’s help my deductible is only $50.00!
Oh perhaps that is not enough to EXCITE you about Our Amazing God. Okay try this one. In January 2010 The Lord told me He would give BFG a building. In November 2011 I fell in love with the building He told me was the one He had for us. Price was ridiculously expensive. Really you could buy a brand new car for how much one monthly lease payment was. Well it is Huge! So all this time I have prayed, believed, and waited. A few times through the prompting of the Holy Spirit I contacted the Realtor. However, no budging! That is until God’s one finger changed everything! Tune in next week and I’ll tell you the rest of the story!


Pastor Cyndi

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Mission Statement

Reaching the dead to truth, teaching them the Word of Truth and launching them to revive His dying truth in this lying world.


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