CURRENT NEED: Special Humanitarian Fundraiser for our Somalia Team

Dear Mum, Pastor Cyndi Higgins:

It is always a blessing hearing from you. You really encourage us. we must agree that it takes God to stay here and serve this community of seeming thankful people, I must say not all of them are “bad”, those who are bad are really bad whilst those who are good are extremely good. I mean God must be working in their lives to reveal Christ to them.

This place is extremely poor and marginalized. It’s like everything is seemingly impossible to come by hence making life a little expensive than living in the city as everything is imported from other parts of the country, which makes such essential goods and services extremely expensive. A midst all these challenges God has been faithful and merciful to the Somalis. I can’t count how many times our faith has been put to test here……several times I have been attacked by armed people while going about ministry work in villages……but apart from emotional hurts we always escape unhurt. This is what keeps us going: that the Lord indeed is with us—-this knowledge is sweet to the soul a midst insecurities and other challenges. As a team we have given up all that we are or have to God just to see an indigenous Somali church coming up and empowered to reach out to their own people with the gospel, until this is done, we will stay put even if it means dying at our duty post. Actually we are gaining ground here, it’s the doing of the Lord of the harvest.

We have been working as missionaries for almost 12 years now when the Lord laid it on our hearts to double up as pastors too, we are missionary pastors, nurturing and reaching out. We worked with a mission agency but our time ended and we decided to work with the church—to reach out and reconcile the runaway brides.

To answer your question, we don’t work with any humanitarian organization. We receive help from well-wishers: some of them know what we are doing while others God spoke to them to give us help especially supporting the irrigation farming and sports ministry here. This is how we manage ourselves here though such help is not monthly is once in a while as they are led. As missionaries we endure and wait upon the Lord of the harvest. He never fails though at times it’s extremely difficult especially where we are expected to pay high school fee for some of the converts who are orphaned or living beyond poverty line. I must say God is with us.

Challenges have strengthened our walk with the Lord of the harvest and soften the hearts of the Somalis towards the gospel. Keep praying with us for when we are weak then His power is made perfect in our weakness. We love Somalis too much and we will stay among them for a long while as His grace enables us.

Greetings from the fellowship here.



Somali Field

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