DRC CONGO (Baraka and Tanganyika)

Dear Twin, I would love to brief you about our work in Congo. We held our conference in Baraka town. We were hosted by Pastor Christopher Munga. We were four of us from Burundi. Pastors’ Hezron from Uvira, Aron, Robert and me. We hired a taxi from Burundi to Uvira and then got four motorbikes which took us to Baraka. It was so difficult to get a vehicle which could take us to Baraka. The Road network is too poor and small vehicles cannot pass at all. There is only one road which links to the interior, a muddy road running along the lake. For our visit to Tanganyika it was very unfortunate for us that we travelled during the rainy season. We often were just stuck in mud with our motor bikes and would walk for some distance and then get back on. It took us almost the whole day to reach Baraka town. We really got exhausted on the way.

I bet that Jane didn’t join us on this mission trip as lazy as she is in walking, she could have it rough. Big (four wheel drive) trucks are the ones that ferry people and Goods interior. They load goods and then passengers sit on top of the goods. When travelling you’ll not be sure the day to reach your destination. We were told that sometimes guerrillas attack people on the way by stealing them of their money and leave them empty handed.

Twin, the road passes through a thick forest. Commuting trucks are given to soldiers by the government to escort them. In this respect motor bikes help a great deal in transporting people though they charge heavily. I’ll send photos for you to see.

Entering Congo we paid visa and we were checked thoroughly before allowed to pass. Reaching Baraka, we were then taken to the office of the chief. We filled out some forms and gave out our passport size photos. In Baraka we had two days to teach RABs. I tried very much to capture five lessons. The lessons were thrilling with many questions from participants. They were very attentive and could write notes.

We ended up the second day by ordaining Pastor Christopher Munga as the Director of DRC Congo. In Congo people understand Kiswahili though they requested the material to be translated in the largest Congolese Zairean language. Congo broke the record of participants, followed by Uganda, Rwanda and then Burundi last. Aron was in our company, I think that did not give him much time to prepare the conference for or with his people. Our mission ended then we left Brother Aron. Twin.

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