The RAB Africa Dynamic Dual are on the move!

The RAB Africa Dynamic Dual are on the move! Pastor Milton Wanyama, RAB Africa Coordinator and Bishop Wilfred Barasa, Kenya RAB Director, have boarded the bus!

March 2016: Lord willing, today marks another historic day in RAB Africa’s history. As our beloved brothers coming from two different East African nations board the rails of the highway and plan a convergence of their God-given Redemptive Gifts in the city of Nairobi, Kenya. They will minister RABs faith assignment of, “Bringing back the brides of Christ,” there for several days to hundreds of registered pastors and Christian Leaders.

Afterwards, by the grace of the Lord, they shall then move to Mombasa, the second largest city in Kenya where once again, by the Lord’s willingness, they shall minister RABs’ evangelistic manner of going door to door and visiting and prayerfully reconciling runaway brides of Jesus Christ back unto Him. There our RAB Hosts have planned evening Crusades as well for the youth and teens as well as the attendees and their families of the RAB five-day Conference.

After ministering there with no time to rest, with the grace of God our Father, they will travel almost the full east and west breadth of Tanzania and work for close to a week there with the beloveds who have planned RAB Conferences by day and Crusades by night before returning to their respective homeland. Pastor Milton Wanyama from Kampala Uganda and Bishop Wilfred Barasa from Moi’sBridge Kenya.

We welcome you in praying with us for them. Let us pray for our Lord’s divine health, divine strength, divine energy to be their portion. Let us pray that our Father who art in heaven, HALLOWED be His name—His kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven—dispatch legions of warring angels to protect them and angels of mercy to minister unto them as well as their families and loved ones waiting for their safe return! Our Lord is able and willing to do all that we ask in Jesus holy name—thank you Father. Amen.

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