Our Pastors

Pastor Cyndi Higgins, our Sr. Pastor @ BFG and the Founder of RAB, leads us in Intercessory Prayer and Spiritual Warfare!

Sr. Pastor Cyndi Higgins, our Lead Pastor @ BFG and the Founder of RAB. She is our fulltime teaching pastor and the RAB International Director working with 8 African nations and with several USA States. She also leads us in Intercessory Prayer and Spiritual Warfare! At times Pastor Cyndi by the moving of the Holy Spirit and the incredible talent of Pastor Vince ushers us before the Lord in prophetic song. She has been with BFG since June 2008.


PASTOR VINCE INOSENCIO (center) IN UGANDA AUGUST 2015 WITH PASTOR MILTON AND OTHERS. Pastor Vince Inosencio, an Incredible man of God teaches the Word of God in the USA and in Africa. Pastor Vince is also BFG’s Praise and Worship Lead Pastor. He joined BFG Fellowship in October 2014.


Pastor Kingsley Chinye and Pastor Milton Wanyama

Pastor Kingsley Chinye (grey suit) joined BFG Fellowship Ministries in November 2012. He is a graduate of: Trinity International University, which is an evangelical Christian liberal arts institution located near Chicago Illinois, USA. His BA is from the theological seminary of the University in what is referred to as the ‘Trinity Evangelical Divinity School  Pastor Kinglsey traveled to Kenya in 2014 with Pastor Cyndi and the RAB African Team ministering the faith assignment, “Bringing back the brides of Christ.” He is now located in Florida USA and ministers through Kingdom Agents, which he founded. He still operates under the BFG Umbrella. Currently he has a Friday Service called LOV3. Also Pastor Milton Wanyama shown here (black suit). He is our RAB Africa Coordinator which includes him being a pastor to the pastors connected to him through RABs and BFG International. Pastor Milton is well known for his incredible gifting in evangelism and music. He was a young business man but looked for fulfillment in serving the Lord after he had joined the Baptist International Missions Crusades in 2002. Through them, he traveled and evangelized in different parts of Malawi, Zambia, Rwanda, Congo, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, and so many other African nations. Until joining RABS in the fall of 2013, Pastor Milton served under Apostle Johnvent Ojambo in Nairobi, Kenya at Elshadai Worship Centre. Pastor Milton is a resident of Kampala, Uganda, East Africa.



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