May 3, 2014 One Day Conferece for Men and Women of God at Candlestone Resort


Pastor Jane Mutatu

Pastor Jane Mutatu, a Zimbabwean Woman of God. A gentleman blogged his experience after he had sat under one of Jane’s lectures.  In part this is what he wrote about Pastor Jane Mutatu. “Women are Something Else – I’ve always thought that women are smarter than men because they are natural pragmatists in ways that most men simply can’t compare, but they don’t hold it against us.  They see the forest and the trees, and are sensible to the needs of both.  Women forgive. In Africa, women are expected to take care of their sick and dying.  At the same time their life expectancy is now 34 years young.  This is in part because women are also the largest population infected with HIV/AIDS due to infidelity and violent incidence cause by men.  By”

Jane Mutatu with the grace of God learned within the framework of disappointment and dedication for those whom she loved to extend life and to extend it with God-given quality. Jane nursed relatives dying from diseases related to the HIV epidemic in Africa. Jane sought out physicians and scientists who guided her to experiment with soybean as a form of protein.  Since 1998, Jane influenced and trained 100 local women in her country, which is now 10,000 women strong across the continent using the benefits of soy to buy more time with their loved ones. Soybean, previously frowned upon in Africa as uncommon food for animals or the poor, provided the protein necessary to keep Jane’s family alive.  Day by day, as her experience with soy grew, so did her influence as neighbors watched her family living longer.

Jane’s efforts planting soybeans and making soy milk for her ailing family has not gone unnoticed in her home country of Zimbabwe. The Ministry of Science and Technology recruited her to supply soymilk to hospitals to help others combating AIDS. Mutatu eventually won an award from the Ministry for her efforts on this front.

Jane is the co-founder and Managing Director of Bashan Nutrifoods situated in Gweru peri-urban in Zimbabwe. Jane obtained a National Diploma in Journalism from ChristianCollege of Southern Africa (1989), a National Diploma in Metallurgical Technology from Harare Polytechnic (1992) and a B.Sc degree in Metallurgical Engineering with the University of Zimbabwe (1995).

Jane has been able to galvanize and motivate rural subsistence farmers to grow soybeans which have a high nutritional value and assist in boosting the immune system. She was able to commission the first soy processing plant in Zimbabwe which produces soy milk, soy cake and yoghurt. She has hosted several farming events at her farm attracting the attention of senior government officials, university researchers, students and communal farmers. For the effort Bashan farm received numerous awards the most notable being ‘The Most Innovative Farmer’ awarded by Midlands State University in collaboration with the Ministries of Agriculture and Science and Technology. Jane is a member of various professional organizations, namely the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Board, Zimbabwe National Soybean Association (ZINSCA), Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce, IDEA Zimbabwe and Kellogg Foundation Midlands Chapter. Jane is working on completing an MBA with MidlandsStateUniversity, Gweru, Zimbabwe. Test………

Not your average Jane: A woman finds soy milk beneficial for AIDS patients  El Medhin


PASTOR TONI BIO PICPastor Antoinette “Toni” Miles

Antoinette Miles is a caused driven bi-mission professional. She is currently the Resource Director for The Caring Place, Cleveland, TN. Antoinette most recently worked as Vice President of Youth development and Education for the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati. She also worked as a Regional Vice President, Business Development for Interactive Business Systems, Chicago Illinois for over fifteen years. Antoinette has over 30 years of business and leadership development experience.


As a trustee of her community, she has given much of her time, talent and resources to missions that uplift and empower youth, women and families. Antoinette has served as a board member of Visiting Nurse Association, YMCA of Greater Cincinnati Metropolitan Board, Dress for Success Cincinnati, Working in Neighborhoods, Cincinnati Ballet, Jr. Achievement and Jobs for Cincinnati Graduates. She is proud alumnus of Leadership Cincinnati (Class XVI), 2009 Wise Woman, and 2010 Honoree of Women of Over the Rhine.  In 2011, Antoinette was recognized by the Hispanic Chamber and the National College Goal Sunday Organization for Outstanding Service in Education. She also received the 2012 Diversity Award from The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), Cincinnati Chapter.


Antoinette served as a licensed Evangelist and Professor, Solid Rock Church and Bible College, Monroe, OH and a founding member of Harvest Ranch Cowboy Church, Middletown, Ohio. In 2008, she established Esther Principle Ministry (now known as “Transforming Greatness”) dedicated to equipping God’s people for their divine assignments. Since 2009 Antoinette has served as a Mentor for the International Institute of Mentoring (IIOM) under the direction of Pastor Judy Jacobs Tuttle. She is currently in a new season with Judy Jacobs Ministries and Dwelling Place Church International, Cleveland, TN, under the covering of Pastors Jamie and Judy Jacobs Tuttle.


Antoinette holds a BA degree in Theology from the Life Christian University, Tampa Florida and a BS degree in Public Relations/Theatre from Western Kentucky University. She is also a certified Faith Career Advisor, helping the unemployed and under employed to find their God given destiny.


Guest Worship Artists



Aretha O. Scott resides in Johnson CityTennessee and has her entire life.  She serves in the Ministry of Music as a soloist, and choir director, as well as in the ministries of teaching and the helps. God has also blessed her to produce her first demo cd titled;

“I’m A Winner”

By God’s healing grace, Aretha lives the life of a survivor in several arenas of life. To this her ultimate praise is; “To God Be the Glory for Everything He Has Done.”


Additionally, throughout the years, Aretha filled the role of youth director at several area churches. She founded “Inner faith Ministries,” which is a ministry designed to aid individual, mainly pre-teens and teens, recognize and “bring forth” gifts, talents, visions, and dreams that God has put in them for His Glory. The ministry uses the “Victory Program” which is a training program for all mentors and mentees in the program. God downloaded this program to Aretha and it now is effectively used in the teachings at “Inner Faith Ministries.”


Aretha has an Associate degree in Computer Programming from Draughon’s Jr College and by the help of God, obtained a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management from Tusculum College which is Tennessee’s’ oldest college! She worked in the Safety and Health field for over 15 years as well as in tele-communications for several years. Aretha is a prolific writer and is currently working on a book titled “Shadow Boxing With ME-SELF!”


       bio piture pastor Jim Clark  Pastor Jim Clark

Zion Tabernacle, Muskegon, Michigan


Pastor Jim has been involved with ministry for 39 years. The involvement is a wide spectrum from church janitor to senior pastor. His most pronounced gifts include Bible teaching and music performance. His mission in the Body of Christ is teaching believers how to establish intimacy with God. Just as people want more that anythings else love and acceptance of others, this also is God’s top priority with people.  Thou shalt love the Lord god with all of thy hearts is a familiar Bible  passage.  Pastor Jim helps people move to this end and clearly teaches how to maintain this relationship.  He resides in Muskegon with his family and has some incredible insight that will help you to begin a Divine Romance and Divine Adventure with God leading it.


Event Host Speaker



DSC01140Pastor Cyndi Higgins 

Cyndi is the wife of John Michael Higgins. John is a solid man of God and a full time crop farmer in Michigan. Together they have 8 adult children and 23 grandchildren. Cyndi owns the business, Exams Express, Inc. a title searching company for real estate matters in Michigan.

Cyndi is a National and International public speaker. Only by the grace of God, did Cyndi Harper survive complications at birth and a violent upbringing. Many would argue that it is out of character that a survivor of both childhood and domestic abuse would love, live, and teach peace as much as she does. Perhaps one needs only to remember the words of Joseph in Genesis 50:20, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” Although not legally changing her name, many know her as Pastor Cyndi Higgins.


Through her eight children’s books, under the name Cyndi Harper-Deiters, she began teaching young children non-violent problem solving methods in 1992. Cyndi’s successful writing and speaking career began immediately after graduating from the Institute of Children’s Literature. With eleven published books and speaking engagements in schools across America, Cyndi’s message not only captured the hearts of the children but those of the educators and parents as well. Cyndi skillfully used Jonathan Michael the Resident Rooster, the books’ main character, to teach children non-violence and the art of peacemaking.


Between 1992 and 1996, Cyndi studied as a volunteer Mediator with The Dispute Resolution Center of West Michigan, and attended Jordan College. Already using her business degree, she changed her educational interest to literature, child-development, and computer applications. She uses the knowledge gained by her variety of studies to communicate better through her books, recorded prayers, songwriting, lesson-plans, pastoral counseling, and public speaking. In 2007, Cyndi retired from full time employment at her company, Exams Express Inc., and shortly thereafter, began her ministerial studies.


Pastor Cyndi was ordained under Dr. Morris Cerullo of Morris Cerullo World Evangelism and Bishop (Dr.) Anthony Yeboah of Free International Missions in January 2012. She is the Sr. Pastor of Barefoot Gardens Fellowship Ministries in Ada, Michigan (Grand Rapids). The local focus is on binding up the broken-hearted through the 35-week course, “Rejoice Freedom;” she wrote the curriculum and lessons plans for this very successful recovery program. This program helps individuals recover from emotional hurts that have led them into addictions and destructive behaviors. The structuring of the Mission’s Ministry, Run-Away-Brides (RAB) and writing the autobiographical book of a reconciled bride to initiate the cause and inspire run-away-brides to return to Jesus is her current endeavor. With her God-given writing talent, she creatively weaves the beautiful purpose of life. She skillfully uses her gifting in the book, “Run Away Bride, the Story of a Reconciled Runner,”  introducing God’s beloved masterpiece the human-heart, soul, mind, willpower, body, and spirit with love, compassion, and understanding



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