Kenya RAB Church                  Testimonies from Some Participants after the RAB      Conference in June 2013, Mois’Bridge Kenya, East Africa under the direction of Rev. George Ludisi, Kenya RAB Director for Barefoot Gardens Fellowship Ministries

My name is Perris Wanyonyi. I come from Matunda in Kakamega County. I am so happy that have been reconciled with Jesus Christ again through the RAB Conference that was held in Moi’s bridge on 21-23 June, 2013. I was once a run way bride. Back in the year 1990, my husband died and I was window. My church members did not come to comfort me. I felt alone, miserable and frustrated in life and even I saw there was no need of going to church again. But when attended this conference, I came to realize that there was somebody who was still caring for my life and that is Jesus Christ. From this day I have decided to come back to Jesus Christ. He is a true husband who will care of my needs.

My name is Reagan Moshi and am 35yrs old. I was brought up in a Christian family and I knew Jesus as my personal saviour. But at the age of 20 yrs I got involved in bad influencing company. I started to take alcohol and I became addicted to drugs. For the last 15 yrs I was run away bride, but I came to know that Jesus Christ still loves me and wants me to come back. I have accepted to become Kingdom work so that I can go out to usher lost brides to Christ.

My name is Fred Wanyonyi. I am the assistant Pastor of Moi’s bridge Church. The RAB’s Conference has aroused me. In my lifetime as a Pastor, I have never minded about the run away brides. The church has been reducing without making follow-ups. I will now start to revive the lost souls by bringing them back to the church through the RAB’s teachings.

My name is Joel and the RAB’s Conferences has toughed my life because its teaching was awesome. Am actively youth member in my church and I will make sure that all the run away brides youth are back to church because there nothing so sweet in this world other than being the bride of Jesus Christ. He has always seen me through over so many challenges that I face in my life especially as a youth. All that I can say is RAB’s be blessed!!
My name is Mary Litembu. A member of Moi’s bridge Church. I have served the church for many years. The kind of teachings I received during the conference are quite different from the usual teachings. I did not know that I have an assignment of learning so as to become a kingdom worker to go out and bring the run away brides to our bridegroom Jesus Christ. The RAB’s has opened my eyes so that I will be commissioned to my Lords work.

My name is Violet Vihenda. I come from Kona Mbaya in Kakamega County. I was born in a Christian family. I loved Jesus Christ as my personal saviour. When I got married my husband mistreated me until I got divorced. For more than 5yrs now I have never gone to church because my faith was eroded by my husband. But thank God for RAB’s Conference that was organized by Rev. George who invited me to attend it and for sure it changed my life. I have got reconciled and am back to my Lord Jesus. I will now go out for other brides and bring them back to Christ.

My name is Pastor Zebedayo; I come from Kitale in Trans Nzoia County, working under the umbrella of Rev. George. I was very much blessed with the RAB’s Conference and am ready to take the teachings to Trans Nzoia County.

My name is Joachim Kemboi. I hail from Ziwa in Uasin-Gishu County. The Conference had a very big impact to my life. In our church, we have never been taught how to evangelize and bring people to God. I would like the teachings to continue so that I may gain the RAB’s knowledge to teach others.

My name is Moses. I come from Lugari in Kakamega County. I am a Pastor who I run away from Christ 4yrs ago. My former Bishop invited to this Conference. The RAB’s teachings revived me back to Christ. I repented my sins and asked God to forgive me and send me to His lost flock. I am now a new born again Christian. I will sit down and learn how to become a Kingdom worker.
My name is Benson Ambura. I come from Eldoret in Uasin – Gishu County. I have attended many conferences without submission to Christ. This Conference was one of its own kinds that changed my life. The version, term and methodology used touched my heart. I pray that God make me a strong worker of His Kingdom.

I am Pastor Melab; I come from Lugari in Kakamaga County. I love Jesus as my personal saviour the RAB’s teachings have been a blessing to me. I shall unite with Rev. George to teach and extend this information to other parts of Kenya. God Bless RAB’s Ministries.

My name is Cleophas Wanjala; I come from Bungoma in Bungoma County. I am a church leader and I have got new skills from this Conference. In my church, my conscience convicts me that I have done nothing to revive lost souls. But thank God for this RAB’s conference, I will now go out and return all the run away brides from my church back to Christ. Thank you and God Bless RAB’s Ministries.

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