RWANDA (Rwamagana and Kanombe Districts)

 Hello my dear beloved servant of God Pastor Cyndi, we had two missions in Rwanda. One at Rwamagana and Kanombe districts. At Rwamagana, I taught RABs from morning to evening. The other day, I taught half day because we had to leave in the evening to Kanombe to get started teaching on 30th. Our hosts were Pastor Robert Jean Kinyatiro, Pastor Joselyne Batamulyza and Pastor Mushashi Gerardine. We held the conference in Joselyn’s church. I ordained three of them. Pastor Robert Kinyatiro as RABs director in Rwanda, Pastor Joselyne Batamulyza as the Associate Director and Mushashi Gerardine as the District Director Rwamagana. We also gave other certificates to ushers and attendants. In this district many people do not know Kiswahili.

So they requested in future the RABs material to be translated in Kinyarwanda (mother tongue). Language varies from district to district. In Kanombe we did not experience people having a problem in reading and understanding Kiswahili. They were comfortable when we taught in Kiswahili. In Kanombe I ordained Pastor Ruturwa Bizi as the District Director of Kanombe and gave him a certificate and some other two pastors. In Kanombe we did not have certificates to give to ushers and attendants. They requested us to produce more certificates and send to them. There is need for more certificates everywhere we went twin. In Rwanda many leaders wanted us to visit their churches though we did not get time to do that.


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