November 27, 2013

We hereby extend our right hand of fellowship to Apostle Denis, Apostle Eva, and Apostle John and to all of our fellow servant/leaders and workers of Uganda, East Africa. Let us PRAISE OUR LORD for He and He alone is WORTHY OF ALL OF OUR PRAISE! Let us acknowledge this is not the work of man or woman, but it is the work of the Holy Spirit. Not by His might nor by His power, but by His Spirit—His Holiness has led the way into Uganda. He makes the way straight from crookedness; the Light of the Lamp—Our Lord Jesus, has guided our feet, and by His Good Shepherding, He has delivered us into mercy and grace that follows us every day of our lives. We shall not perish but have eternal life because of the Goodness of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ—He who was sent by the Father who loves the world so much He gave the eternal gift, His Son, Jesus Christ! Now, let us pick up our daily cross and follow Our Lord and Savior and be washed in His blood filled with thanksgiving and praise and worship for the One and Only True Lord of Lord’s and King of Kings—Christ Jesus! We Praise the Lord for the miracles He worked through all of you in Uganda. We testify the Lord is GOOD and He is GOOD ALL THE TIME. Praise God that JESUS CHRIST has healed the little girl who was paralyzed and now can walk! We Praise the LORD GOD that the two men who were healed were done so in the presence of the Lord’s JOY! Praise our King of Kings that many in Uganda received SALVATION the greatest gift of all!

Let us praise Our Lord together:

“We praise You O’ Our Lord of Lord’s. You are the Name above all Names. You are Alpha and Omega; You are the Beginning and the End. You are the Bright and Morning Star; you are the King of Kings. You are the Lord of ALL the Hosts on High. You are the Anointed One, the Holy One. Oh Our Lord, we lift your name on High, how we love to sing your praises. We are so glad you are in our lives. Help us Our Lord to surrender ourselves totally to you. Help us Holy Spirit to not rebel against you, but to be immediate in reaction to your unctions. Let us not grieve you, Holy Spirit. Oh, Jesus that you would take any stones in our hearts and replace them now, our Lord and King, with your flesh and blood. That we, too, like you can love others unconditionally. Help us Our Lord and Master to make your name FAMOUS throughout the lands of East Africa. Oh, My Lord expel any and all spirits of jealousy, envy, conceit, haughtiness, pride and arrogance. For the Bible says that the Lord hates haughty eyes and the Word says that pride (arrogance) goes before destruction. Oh, Lord, we humbly bow before You and we seek the mercy of your seat of authority! Help us Lord to press onward and to push through every vine of resistance that the enemy plans to cause entanglement of your people. Lord, we seek Your Help, as you Lord are the Lord of the Harvest. These fields are your fields, Mighty Master, and we beseech you, our Savior, to bring the laborers and the funds necessary according to your Perfect Will into our Storehouses to fulfill the mandate of this faith assignment to bring back the Brides of Jesus Christ. We seek the Head of the Church—You and You Alone Jesus Christ sit upon the Throne of the Church and we seek The Mind of Christ in all matters—this Church is your Church, she is Your Bride. Help us Savior to care for Her tenderly and lovingly without malice or strife or division. Give us this day our daily bread and let us not selfishly ask you for more. This day we ask that you forgive us our sins as we forgive those who have sinned against us. Lead us Precious Father whose name we hallow, for Your Kingdom has come and Your will shall be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Help us to understand the difference as you Lead us NOT into temptation but deliver us from all sorts of evil. For all is Yours Our Lord—Ancient of Days—We glorify your Holy Name!”    AMEN


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