Healing Miracles

After healing he is couselled by Pst Johnby Rev. George Ludisi

Uganda East Africa



Rev. Ludisi George reports from Uganda that on the day of Evangelizing in small remote villages in Uganda that only by motor bike or by foot one can reach MANY MIRACLES took place. Many people had known about God but not Jesus Christ—Many salvations which is the greatest miracle of all took place. A young girl who had not walked due to being paralyzed was healed and now walks, a blind man that now sees, a deaf man that now hears, a diabetic child healed. In his closing remarks, Rev. George wrote, “There are funny things that God has started doing in this ministry that has never happened before. Just imagine, praying for a deaf man and God opens his ears to listen to me and react to my questions! Does it not sound strange, Twin? Therefore my beloved Twin, indeed if it is purely God who has called us in this RAB assignment, He will provide all the requirements for ministry. Ours is to pray and leave everything to Him. He is the True God and always on our side!” Loving brother…Rev. George

Photo0742Healing of a paralyized girlThis Brother could not See or hear but now can see and hear


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