Vision Statement

Commissioned by God, we boldly bring the ‘Spirit of Holiness’ into the Body of Christ. With loving honesty and uncompromised truth, we encourage through Scriptural examples and instructions and family unity holy Christian lifestyles dedicated to Christ.

Vision Purpose:

“With much of our Christian faith being reduced to feel good prophecy, sowing and reaping blessings, and prosperity promises, we have walked away from Christ Jesus and the Gospel’s Truth!

Recommitting our lives to Christ Centering

Holiness Resurgence: “Not letting the world influence the Church but the Church influencing the world.”
Truth Revitalization: “Parting ways with ‘dressed-up lies’ and uniting with ‘stripped-down truth.’
Reverence Recovery: “Embracing and no longer disgracing fearing the Lord.”  
Reputation Rescue: “Abandoning achieving and accepting receiving salvation through Jesus Christ who paid the ransom for the consequences of sin; eternal death.”
Grace Recall: “Inducing instead of reducing the infinite love, mercy, favor, and goodwill shown to humankind by The Lord.”


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